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    Besides ASAHI brand, we also import and distribute many kind of  ball bearings, bearing units, component part, etc. such as :
    - NSK Bearings (Authorized distributor)
    - EASE Slide Bearings (Japan)
    - KT Adapter Sleeves
    - KETCO Adapter Sleeves
    - ASA Bearings
    - SPC Bearings
    - KDYD Bearing Units
    and more

    With our more than 30 years in bearing business, we can ensure all customers in our product quality and services.

    S. SUPACHAI MACHINERY LP.   /   49-51 VIVATVIENG RD., SAMPHANTAWONGSE, BANGKOK  10100 THAILAND  /  TEL. 662-222-8719 FAX. 662-222-1551
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